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Why Must You Consume Vivix?

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Vivix Becomes One Of The Most Looked After Supplement For Its Astounding Benefits and Power.

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Why Do You Need Vivix Supplement?
What is so special about Vivix that you cannot get from other products? 

Here are 4 main functions of Vivix:

 • Helps protect and repair cellular DNA
 • Positively impacts genetic regulators
 • Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis
 • Slows the formation of AGE (Advanced Glycation End products) proteins

* Vivix also: 
• Supports heart health and cardiovascular function*
• Supports brain health* 
• Supports immune function* 
• Supports joint health* 
• Promotes cellular longevity* 
• Promotes good health and well-being* 
• Supplies antioxidants; fights free radicals* 
• Increases cellular energy* 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Dr. Stephen Chaney, a professor of biochemistry and nutrition at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill has to say: "...The answer to that question is really three-fold. In the first place, the resveratrol in Shaklee's Vivix a higher potency, higher purity preparation than many of the other resveratrol supplements products on the market.

Why Vivix Is The Best?  Care to watch this short video, please.

Due to those unique functions of Vivix, Vivix is consumed for many conditions. Whatever the problem is, it is related to our DNA cells.

Every inch of our body, every organ in our body, is made up of cells.
Many people are consuming Vivix to control their health problems, such as diabetes, high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer and so on. 

( Please take note that Vivix is not a kind of medicine, but a type of supplement high in antioxidant which repair your cells at cellular levels ).

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